Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Where To Go From Here

Where To Go From Here 24"x48"x1.5"

Where To Go From Here… They say if your going to go at all, go big. I had never so much as even drawn a nude figure before attempting this figure. But as I stood looking at the 24”x48” blank canvas something just spoke to me. I knew exactly what it was but hesitated for days before actually sketching her. The sketch went so well I was scared to death to paint over it. I harkened the advice of a friend of mine (another painter with Lupus) because I was so fearful of overpainting her. I knew I wanted some sort of expressionism without getting too tied up in realism. I’m not really sure what I ended up with. What came easy in sketching did not pan out in painting. I suffered greatly with this painting. Frustrated at every stroke with this desire to get stuck in detail. In the end she was a great lesson to me and I have come to love her more and more every day. I posted pictures of her on Facebook along the way and if it would not have been for some truly wonderful friends I might have given up on her all together. Beautifully and wonderfully ironic in her symbolism. 

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