Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Terra Firma

Terra Firma 11"x14"x1.5"

Terra Firma, like many of my paintings, was another experiment. I knew I wanted to try dividing the canvas and that was about as far as I planned. The colors I chose immediately lent themselves to something earthy, so mid painting I ran outside in the snow and snipped a piece off one of our bushes. I took a chance on watering paint down, dipped it in and literally slapped it down! It could not have turned out more perfect. In fact, you’ll see the same snippet in some of the other paintings I did that day because I was just having too much fun to stop. It’s a nice manageable piece, appropriate for smaller walls. I was surprised at the difference it made taking photos of it outside as compared to indoors, up against the reddish wall. I also placed it on a steel blue wall and a green wall, each time it looked different. You can’t go wrong with Nature. 

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