Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Little Buddha

Little Buddha 12"x6"x1.5"
Little Buddha came to me after painting Big Buddha or Colorful Buddha (depending on where you look). This was the first time I have ever painted solely with my hands and a blending knife, no brushes. It was by far the closest connection I have ever had with the paint and canvas. Completely freeing and more an exercise physically than mentally. Quite often you will hear me speak of getting wrapped up in the details. I felt completely liberated from that tendency and have been longing to experiment with this ever since. Unfortunately, to do so takes much more paint…and money. I have concluded that I like to have my art in my hands - mixing, adding textures, washing, sanding… I like the feel of it. I’m pleased that Little Buddha came out of this endeavor because it truly was one of my most peaceful experiences and felt that I “let go” of that perfectionist in my head that ties me so tightly to overpainting. Big Buddha ended up in my of my daughter’s homes and Little Buddha ended up with a dear friend of mine in Canada. I honestly could not think of better homes for either. 

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